Week 9:04 CPD

So far I have developed my Fizhogg project firstly by thinking about my ‘world’ having an interactive AR/Geocache Treasure Hunt (AKA Medbun Treasure hunt) which could be nested within a VR environment.

I have written three smart goals which will be necessary to achieve so as to upskill my skillset as a creative App Designer. I am aware that AR is a particularly buoyant and exciting area of mobile app development and that this extends to VR. I have researched the creative app development market and have identified two studios which specialise in XR (Mixed Reality, Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality).

In this module I have finally over come my coding phobia (embedded at the age of 10) and coded a simple web app and an Arduino. This was a big challenge for me and I feel that if this is the only tangible goal achieved in this module then this would be a massive achievement for me. This means that not only can I understand that code is not a barrier to app development in my commercial practice but that I can further develop this in my experimental practice.

After reading about the fact that Annecy Film Festival has introduced VR as a category, I have decided to design, produce and deliver a Google 360 Story in collaboration with a Writer friend (who. I have know for 30 years. quite incredibly!)

While I will be working on a commercial brief in my next module, I will continue to develop the back stories, characters and world within which my linear storyline and connected mini stories will be located in a larger story.

I understand google 360 Story development and I certainly think that this is the way to go in terms of my commercial skillset, portfolio and projects in development. But more than this, I will be able to connect my commercial work with my experimental practice as they align at the intersection between contemporary 3D Animation Practice and Interactive 3D storytelling..

This is very positive.

I have today conducted research on Sage in order to understand where the field of Animation studies is today and I am reassured that my perspective still holds.. There are not enough practice based researchers in the field and the theoreticians perspective is still very strong.

This, although disappointing, is actually very encouraging in that it re-affirms that the field desperately needs the practitioners perspective… and more practitioner supervisors!


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