Week 8:0 Creativity Notes

Creativity & Innovation


Meaningful creative apps

Engagement ‘stickiness’.
Try scenarios
Incentivise behaviour
Change people’s lives

Crowded market place – strong and relevant  USP ..

Zombies, RUN!

Action hook
Story hook – emotionally engaged
Achievement hook

What is creativity – art history and philosophy.
Henri Bergson

Perception & Psychology
Gestalt Theory
Norms expectations familiarity

Disruption (advertising)
Change cultural and social practice
Carravgio – light source/shadow
Victor schlovski – demilitarisation

ICEDIP – Iterative Method
Inspiration clarification Evaluation Distillation Incubation Perspiration

Soap opera tactics



Please complete one of the exercises below:
  • Put the contents of your pockets on a scanner and create a character out of elements of the image produced, using any means you wish.
  • Write a 500 word story using the numbers 1 to 12.
  • Change one rule of the card game Snap and play it with someone else. Revise it on the basis of their feedback of the game experience.
  • Spend 20 minutes undertaking the ‘I’ phase (inspiration) of the ICEDIP method for a new idea for an app, and then spend 10 mins evaluating the results.

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