Week 7:08 Interactive wall project

While in Falmouth we worked on the following brief set by the Event Management MA Students. 
Brief: Create an interactive screen which will display a live update which represents information captured from delegates attending the conference. In addition to the personal information provided such as their age, gender and country of origin; the delegate will rate the conference presentation. The personal details would form an avatar for the delegate. 
Age: Fish Starfish Jellyfish 
Gender: Male/Female
Country of Origin: 1-7 
Rating: okay – Good – Not okay 
Response: Using our newly discovered Arduino skills we designed a large scale paper prototype of an interactive board. 
Group Ideation: 
✔️We decided to run with the sea theme and designed a pool surrounded by coral and sea urchins.  
✔️We decided that we would create three buttons constructed by plastic water bottles representing the age groups of jellyfish, fish and starfish. This would form part of the delegates avatar. 
✔️ We decided that the gender would be represented by a dial which could track between pink through purple to blue depending on the male/female-ness of how the delegate was feeling. We used the pixie led variable function to represent this. 
✔️We decided that the country of origin would be represented by a bubble in the pool. This bubble would be numbered 1-7. 
✔️The rating would be red-yellow-green LED lights using the Arduino traffic light function.  
As we only had an hour from concept to delivery, Carl took the Arduino coding aspect of the project while Nicky and Myself took responsibility for the prototype modelling. 
We played to our strengths however this is not to say that we could not have coded or Carl modelled. 

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