Week 7:07 Maya Terrain Modelling

I am currently in the process of modelling the terrain for my VR app, Fizhogg.

Creating this project in CGI is something I have wanted to do for some time. As I am working with a Mac I am using Maya for the first time in a long time. I usually use 3DsMax and so I’ve found that there is a steep learning curve between my interaction with the software and where my vision is for the project.

I’m working through these issues and I have found that Maya 2018 essentials training course on Lynda has been particularly useful. I am still glad that I understand the basic principles of CGI and that I know how the models are engineered but the interface on Maya feels very different.

For example, my old version of 3Ds Max does not have a sculpting function. The terrain will be very much smoothed but with irregular buildings (so not much symmetry efficiency going on!).

At this time I am thinking about how I could scale back my concept to deliver a strong vertical slice that demonstrates skill and hits my SMART goals.

The modelling has been set back a week due to the launching of my commercial website and this will be followed by Human9 in August. In retrospect, and which the knowledge of how I am working with Maya, my timescales were not realistic. I have addressed this and amended my Trello schedule accordingly.

I am thinking about how I can achieve my goals to include my personal and professional portfolios as I begin to think about industry networking (ready for the next project which will be a live industry brief).

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