Week 7:00 User Research


Quality is essential
Engage a large audience
Marketing methods :
Understand the audience diversity and characteristics of the audience members is essential.

Research methods – qualitative and quantitative (mixed methods) research
Global audience
Ease of use ?
Do they like it ?

User Research ‘ Erik Geelhoed
Ex-erimental Psychology
Research methods & statistics – systematic & disciplined approach
Virtual reality displays
Location based games

Not everything is like you  

Somewhat circular
‘Something measured by its quality”

5 Interviews (semi-structured) – ask the right questions Representative of your audience 

Other methods
Cognitive walkthrough (usability research) sit them down with your app and ask them to think aloud and explain whether they find it easy to use and why they are pressing it
Focus Group – group interviews
Ask the participant to keep a diary
Observe people using your app in whatever situation.
Self reflections – keep a diary as you reflect on your development of your application.

Quantative methods
Numbers for statistical analysis
Questionaire – Design is essential
Physiological measurements – heart beat etc levels of attention eeg galphantic skin response (GSR) Arduino
Long usages when it was started and when it was stopped
Observations – when and how long and how often the app was used.
Psychophysical – hearing seeing tasting smelling (advanced methodology


Consent form
Aim of the study
They can withdraw at any time
Sign and date
Back channels … encouragement
‘Can you tell me some more about that’.
Transcribe the interviews
Red pen marking comments
Use quotes
Write the report

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