Week 6:02 Creative App Development Face to Face Event -Day 1

We began the day with a tour of the Campus and then we got stuck into the nitty gritty with some hands on practical experience with Arduino and some ‘simple’ electronics. I say simple this was very intense but invaluable for me as I’m particiluarly interested in how this could be applied to my fine art project ‘Shell’.

Digital – Analogue
We learned about how analogue is different to digital and that analogue is complex but given a value which we tell the computer to read given

Arduino UNO


Arduino Leonardo


We learned about components:



10k resistors
Sensors – such as a light sensor (we talked about how I could you memory wire and heat to open and close a flower for example)
Coil (How the current returns back to where it came from unless a diode is in place – as a diode has one directional flow)

Simply put there are sensors and actuators

We learned how to write simple code using Arduino (JavaScript)
If.. then statements

We wired an arduino to a breadboard and components so that we could

Control a switch on/off

Control a set of LED’s Red-yellow-green

Control a potentiometer (variable resistor) to control an array of neo pixels which were given a colour (which could have been any one of 244 colours) – Great potential for a pixelation project.

We were set a task to create a paper prototype which could collect the following data and represent it on an interactive screen.

<29 nbsp="" p="" starfish="">29-45 Jellyfish
>46 Fish



Vote on the workshop
Not Good  

We used our knowledge to design an interactive board which

✔️Unique plastic bottle button press for jellyfish/fish/starfish
✔️A variable pixel led which could be varied so that the light turned from pink through purple to ✔️blue/pink/purple blended light – as a measure of a delegates maleness  or femaleness at that moment.
Bubble number for the continent
✔️red – yellow – green lights for the vote

(Paper prototype image here)

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