Week 6:00 Creative App Commerce Notes

What does success look like for me ?

Arts Context 
Helix (fine art research app)

Commercial Context 
Helix (fine art research app)
Fizhogg vision – quick clear concise vision document

(Business Opportunity/Creative Idea)

Business Models
Business plans

Match to your funder always

Venture capitalist
Angel Investors

Sweat equity – team value

Toastmasters and TED talk public speaking

Elevator pitch – 2 minutes max

Timed/competition pitch (pitch at palace) 3 minutes with 1 slide

Creative Pitch

Business/creative 50/50 pitch – know your audience – figures on beautiful images?

USP – Unique selling point

Research the market thoroughly.


I was a finance manager and worked in contract negations in the property industry for a few years in a previous life and I was self employed for 10 years but I do feel that although my skills are valuable I didn’t really pitch for funding for a ‘big idea’,  I rather delivered on short term contracts.

Now I’m at a stage in my life where I could devote time to a really cool ‘big idea’ I have two which are commercial and one which will be submitted to film festivals etc as it forms part of my personal Arts and research work (not quite so profitable commercially.. but maybe more so in my long term goals and plan).

I have some breathing space within this course to a) build my commercial skills b) nail a commercial venture and c) research & personal creative and artistic development…. in order of priority at this time.

The following ideals steer my creative decision making and I have answered to these for the last 10 years…

I ask if the project provides…

1. Financial Independence
2. Creative Freedom
3. Positive Societal Impact

I may not get all three and sometimes one is definitely more prominent than others but these three pillars support my role as a creative practitioner.

This helps me to define my motivation and be honest about it.

Next I think about the audience.. who I am pitching to and for what (money or resources?)

I always make sure I’ve done my research and sounded it out to trusted creatives before going any further.

I can pitch.. if nothing else I can find the values and benefits of a sell and pitch it accordingly.

I am also a good relationship builder and place a lot of emphasis on listening to needs and motivations.

App Development is a new field and I will need to navigate it carefully and take on board all the advice I can get!

But it’s all ‘doable’ 👍

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