Week 5:05 Script Draft 03

Script Draft 03


I am Sarra Hornby. I joined the course because I’d identified a career path at the intersection between 3D Animation and Illustration Practice and my Interdisciplinary Arts & Research Practice.

I proposed three projects I would like to develop on this course. These are Helix, Shell and Fizhogg.  

So far, I have discovered that App Development extends beyond the limitation of a simple Mobile App. I have been introduced to platform development tools and the associated coding languages relevant to these; hardware and software and the production processes and methodology essential for app development. I have been able to assess my current technical spec and have installed Unity and Maya onto my iOS devices. I have learned that the best languages I should learn, in addition to html and CSS are C# for and Python if I want to produce AR, VR and MR Apps.

48 Hour App Jam 

I took part in a 48 hour Jam organised by Falmouth University and observed a real-life 48 app Jam which was held on the same weekend.

I planned for the Jam by thinking about the Agile approach and therefore structured It as a Sprint measured in hours rather than days, due to its short duration.

I deployed my project management skills to plan each task and estimate production time. At the time, I did not have any project management tools but I now understand that Trello could have been very useful to manage workflow and communicate progress to the team.

I decided that I would use a native iOS development platform due to better monetisation opportunities and because I have access to the tools. I decided that I could try to develop a VR/AR App as a test which would inform my proposed Fizhogg project.

Day 1    

The theme was released and I approached it as a semi-structured open brief.

I quickly drew a brain storm as a Ven Diagram rather than a spider diagram so that I could focus on the intersections between each word, as well as their triangulation.

I worked these ideas into a set of concept sketches and considered whether I wanted to design a brochure style app or a VR/AR app.

I conducted some market research on iOS and Android but I actually didn’t think to investigate Amazon. Time was limited but in future I will do this.

As I looked at the categories I became aware of another approach to ideation that would take categories as a potential starting point.

Through this process also learned that I use the ‘slow-boil’ approach in my experimental work. My projects emerge out of research. This was not the appropriate approach for this project due to the quick turn around time and so to reduce this I chose to focus on the user experience of the app.

My concept converged Geocaching with VR and AR using a QR code to  trigger an AR Animation together which links to a physical buried object located in the real world. Once my idea was
more formed, I quickly sketched a storyboard so that I could better explain the user experience while also using them to construct a paper prototype.

I had some experience conducting user experiments at the OUP and so I filmed the paper prototype tests while observing the users hesitations and flow. AS I asked questions I became aware of my language and how I asked questions so that I did not lead the user.

I intended to add in the ‘like to have’ aspects of this test in my values, later on.

I found that I had over estimated the time allowed for this task. If I had tested other users such as team members this would have given more feedback and further insight. Day one had run smoothly as I’d given myself enough ‘wiggle room’ and could use my existing skills.    

Day 2 
I didn’t have the necessary coding, Unity and Adobe XD skills necessary to complete the task and I had no idea how much time to allow for this or when I would be able to say I’d completed the task up to this point. I reassured myself that this was a valuable part of the process. I was beginning to feel quite despondent.

Then I decided to work with the skills I had and the time constraint to present a mock up of my app concept by producing a simple wireframe diagram and a walkthrough video.

The feedback I received was that the mock up video was far too long and would have benefited from an audio track which would have explained the concept more effectively.

Plan: After Reflection  

  • The Agile approach 
I will use a diagram to illustrate the difference between the cyclical model of Agile development and my embedded linear model of production.

  • Scrum feedback  

I missed the valuable feedback and skills support I have access to in a team and feel that this would have helped to relieve many of the pain points in this process.

  • L&D 

I aim to become a self -directed, or you might say autodidactic self-steering Cybernetic creative practitioner.  I also aim while also trying to maintain an agile, or a kind of homeostatic balanced approach to personal growth and professional development).

  • Skills Gap 

Adobe XD, Unity, Maya and C# will form the basis of my SMART Goals.

Professional Objectives 

My professional objectives are three fold.

1. I want to be able to demonstrate that I am a good all round App Developer with an expertise in XR Design.

I will do this by publishing a portfolio which includes the fundamental graphic design skills, App Development Skills and focus on Virtual, Augmented and Mixed Reality projects that create an immersive experience for Entertainment and Arts and Heritage.

I will also track developments in the field by examining the job specs for immersive design studios,  publish my evolving portfolio and connect to immersive and XR Design forums and socialnetworks.

For Example,

I know that the key skills required for an creative app developer are similar to an XR Designer but the focus is on AR/VR and MR.According to a recent Job Specification  which advertised for a Digital/Graphic Designer within an immersive experience design studio that produces a variety of media including mobile apps, immersive theme park  attractions, augmented and virtual reality, print and web projects for entertainment and enterprise; they are looking for

  • A strong foundation in Graphic Design, Typography and Layout for Digital and print. Confidence in Adobe CC, Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign. 
  • They also want the designer to be able to work on concepts, themes and messages, have an understanding of UX/UX Design, teamwork ethic, work under pressure etc.
  • The require 3DsMax, Maya, Mobile App development, Information design, VR, AR, Projection mapping, Gaming, Sketch/product concept art skills and affter effects video editing.
I also follow Second Story and other immersive experience studios. I will need to contact the careers hub provided by Falmouth University and identify opportunities to work on live briefs in this area.  

2. I want to continue to develop my personal experimental Arts Practice.

I will do this my continuing my experimental practice alongside my commercial work.

I will be reflective in this process and try to synthesis knowledge acquired in practice to my commercial work. 

3. I want to re-direct and refine my academic and industry based research at the intersection of Animation and Interaction Design.

I will do this by focusing on the interactive processes in contemporary 3D Animation Practice and will keep informed by reading academic peer reviewed texts, remaining connected to the animation industry and experimenting in my personal work. 


    SMART Goals

    This career research and a reflection on my skills gap have informed my SMART goals for the remainder of this module.


    C# SMART Goal

    Maya Smart Goal

    Unity SMART Goal  

    I am considering if my next Smart Goal should be to experiment with e-textiles, my Raspberry Pi and learn Python as I would really like to begin to experiment on my Shell project. However, I am trying to make my goals SMART so accept that I need to keep focused on my main goals for July and August. 

    So that I can achieve my Smart Goals and assess whether they are realistic, I have written a work schedule which will balance my work commitments with my goals and course commitments. This takes me through to the end of this module. I have printed this out and I have it under glass on my desk.

    In this plan I have considered my short term goals in this module, my expectations for this course and my long term career trajectory towards a role within XR Design and my role as an Interdisciplinary Artist. 

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