Week 4:06 Personal Case Study Video Script and Storyboard

PCS Video Script 

(Add Link to Discussion board for Peer review feedback)  

Key content

  • Review and briefly describe the App Jam Project

  • Discuss the Agile manifesto, the Scrum Process and how this was implemented as a Sprint measured in hours and how this will be continued in the next two sprints over the course of this module. Projected 2 sprints:  Plan – Build – Test – Review

(Include ‘Domains’ of App Development and ‘Key Skills’ Of the App Developer)
  • Challenges/obstacles encountered in the app jam, focusing on my current methodology, technical skills and experience. 

  • SMART goals and how these apply to my Career Goals – Job Specs & Practice

PCS Storyboard

(Max 5 Minute Duration)

(Add Audio/text description and remember to be reflective)

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