Week 4:04 Agile Software Development in Practice Research

I am researching Agile Software Development practice and aside from the information given by Belinda Waldock is which I understand what Agile is and how it is implemented in practice, I need to connect to current discourse on this topic within Industry and Academia.

The research we have been asked to consider are general web search information, peer-reviewed academic literature and ‘grey literature’.

I have researched this term and I understand that ‘grey literature’ is published and non-published non academic literature.

Here is a paper which discusses the merits and pitfalls of using ‘grey literature’.

I think that in considering a research source it is useful to always think about ‘authority’ versus ‘opinion’.

The resources I have available are,

  • E-Books provided by Falmouth University 
  • Google Scholar 
  • GDC Vault – Industry Research 
  • IEEE – Academic Research 
  • ACM – Academic Research 
I have limited my search to the most recent publications which discuss Agile Software Development Practice. 
‘Horizon Zero Dawn’: A QA Open World Case Study 
Ana Barbuta 
Guerrila Games 
Production and Management Team
GDC Vault 
Accessed 27/06/2018 
In this presentation Ana, from Guerrilla games talks about how methods needed to be discovered and created during the production process because of challenges initially identified in the project. 
This was because it was the studios first open world game, it was highly complex, had a lot of interdependencies, the game engine they’d used before was incompatible, there were many unknowns and the team had lack of experience. 
Ana went on to talk about a specific problem in which if you gave a stranger some herbs to heal them then the player couldn’t complete the test, which arose in their verticals slice test. They tested the script and it was all correct. 
They adapted their approach by focusing on their people, processes and tools. 
They went on to adapt their methodology and solve the difficulties they experienced in the team using the agile principles. 
Falmouth Literature

I understand that Agile Methodology has its roots in

Action Research – McNiff
experiential Knowledge – Kolb
Grounded Theory – Glaser & Strauss

I researched Action Research methodology and my App concept Helix, was modelled as a CG model based on a spiral methodology.  I am looking for a method that will work with this understanding so that I can adapt my current methods to creative app development. I need to have a clear workflow so that I can be productive in this field.

Agile Foundations: Principles, Practices and Frameworks 
Accessed 27/06/2018

I found the following text using the Talis Resources. It is a ‘How to’ do Agile text which will be really useful in applying the principles practically into my practice.

The first thing I look at is the references given in a textbook to see if they are from leading theorists, researchers and practitioners in the field.

This is not academic peer-reviewed literature but does refer to authoritative texts in the field and is written not by one author but by 5 as so has been written under a committee of authors each with authority in the field.

I would call this ‘Grey Literature’ as it has not been peer reviewed outside of these authors.   

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