Week 4:0 Critical reflection and journaling – notes

Limitations obstacles weaknesses technical practice gaps in knowledge difficult topics – need a plan of action to overcome it. What do I need to read and do? Why did I encounter the challenge?

Ref Ericsson’s theory of deliberate practice

Meaningful and purposeful

Too ambitious and impossible tasks / not too over whelmed

Middle ground of challenge

Defining a strategy and holding yourself accountable

Bolton’s 2014 Reflective writing and leverage for goals and hoe to achieve them

Reflect – Plan – action – evaluate – reflect again

Holistic reflection for App Developers

Not description… Analysis and evaluation is most important 

  • Dispositional domain – time management, behaviour, discipline motivation. 
  • Affective Domain – how you deal with feelings, EMotional intelligence, What external factors are affecting your focus? Read Search inside yourself 
  • Interpersonal Domain – verbal/non verbal communication, listening, negotiation, problem solving, decision making, assertiveness, finding harmony. 
  • Cognitive Domain -Assess strength and weaknesses in your approach to learning.
  • Procedural domain – assess skills you already have but how do you get new ones?  (Watch Woolwich on GDC) upskilling, read mindset. 




What who where when why how

‘I will improve my photoshop skills so that I can produce better assets for the team which will improve the overall look and feel of the apps we create. I will do this my completing a ‘12vweek’ ‘beginners’ course on Linda.com in my own time…. I will create  a new app design concept each week. ‘I will commit 3 hours each week to this activity. 

Is the goal affordable? 
Is there enough time to dedicate to this goal? 
Do you have the talent required to achieve this goal? 
Are there any foreseeable obstructions? 

Are you the right person for this goal or is there someone else on the team better suited? 

I will reflect, plan and evaluate my app Jam experience using the advice given in this weeks tutorials. I am motivated by becoming more effective in my practice and seeing my own personal development, over a measured period of time.

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