Week 3:08 App Jam Day 2

I’ve had to conduct some research into how to construct a wireframe for AR and then consider my next steps.

I found this interesting slide presentation https://www.slideshare.net/mobile/marknb00/rapid-prototyping-for-augmented-reality

I am going to video the process on my phone and then add graphics to simulate the AR intersction .

I will take this experiment back into UX Design and create a simple wireframe from there.

I’ve found this activity challenging in regards to wireframing and prototyping towards delivering an actual prototype app. I realise that I will have to overcome the difficulty I experience when facing a challenge that I do not think I have the technical skills for. I learn a lot from my colleagues and generally create in a team environment when working commercially and I did not realise until now, quite how important those relationships are. When working in my arts practice I work in isolation however there is little pressure to deliver to a deadline.

The deadline for this activity is 12pm tomorrow and so I intend to spend the morning making a basic wireframe and then putting everything together as a process video. I am experiencing some sharing issues with my technical set up at the moment but I hope to get these resolved tomorrow.

I am acutely aware of the skills I need to develop as an app developer and designer. Although I am adaptable and have a sound design thinking/action research methodology I need to focus on my technical skills to bring them to the standard required.

Week 4 course content relates to critical reflection and journaling so I will need to examine my response to this activity more closely.


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