Week 3:07 App Jam: Day 1

Creating an App Prototype in 48 hours (the good, the bad and the ugly)

Starts 12pm 23/06/18 – Ends 12pm 25/06/18

Initially, I prepared for the jam by doing the following:

  1. Setting the time of the Jam 
  2. Installing the software I will be using and ensuring it runs okay. 
  3. Writing an Action Plan
  4. Estimating the time of each process. 
  5. Allowing for Plan Changes (recorded in Red)   

ACTION PLAN (Original Plan) in Black  (Modified Plan) in Red  

Day 1 (Start 12pm – Finish 12am)

12.00pm:  Theme

Guide – Opponent – Restricted 

12.30pm:  Brainstorm (Record Process Adobe Illustrator Draw)

1.00pm:  Initial Sketches (Record Process Adobe Illustrator Draw) (12.30pm)

1.30pm:  Research (1.00pm)

What kind of treasure hunt apps are there on the market?

Q: Do they have an opponent aspect?

A: Not that I can see.

Are there any time limited drawing apps with a viewer guide to taking and editing pictures?

Are there any recipe competition apps?

Are there any apps that record negative behaviour? Is it right that there should be an oppositional aspect to this kind of game?

Are there any female only tennis championship meet up apps on the market?

Is there a discworld guide and map to Terry Pratchett’s Novels?

Can I think of any better ideas?


I could maybe approach the ideation stage of the process by using categories as a starting point.

Guide – Opponent – Restricted 

Developer Tools
Graphics & Design
Health & Fitness
Social Networking

I can either limit the scope to look at only iOS devices or search Google Play for Android Apps. I will have to alter my plan to allow for an Android search.   

Brief outline of Android Apps available on Google Play 
Treasure Hunt – Many results (Refine search)
Geocaching – many Results (Refine search)
Geocaching Tools – Many Results (Refine Search)
Art Grid – Many Results Available that do this as a stand alone app (no opponent aspect)
Viewing Grid- Similar results as above
Recipe Competition – Many Results and specific to competitions also.
Shadow Hunter – App Name search
Good Bad – Too Broad a keyword search. Interesting behaviour app for children here.
Behaviour – Many Apps that are specific to monitoring behaviour.

2.00pm   Further Sketches (Record Process Adobe Illustrator Draw) Research Results 2.09

In thinking about a treasure hunt I am reminded of Kit Williams Masquerade. This was a competition to find a golden hare hidden in the countryside. I think I could mock up a prototype for this kind of app.

I could create a guide to my village as well as a treasure hunt which will lead the hunter around the village important sites of interest.

The opponents are the other treasure hunters who must not spot you and so you must act naturally when looking for the treasure.

This could be restricted to a Date and Time in which the treasure hunt takes place.


I will now sketch my initial ideas here. 

Restricted to Date: TBA

Snap shots of Hunters spotted and posted on the app could be a breach of privacy and so this would have to be made clear in the terms and conditions (especially where children are concerned). 

There needs to be more explanation from the guide and a link to recap the rules if necessary.

I will need to add research about the village which would take quite alot of time and so I think I will just do one fact as an example and add others if I have time.

3.00pm  SHORT BREAK (14:52)

3.30pm Sketching Continued 

Could I use these sketches on my iPad instead of using a paper mock up?

I could try both…

My iPad has run out of Charge and so I’m going to continue with paper sketching for the moment. I need to think about whether I need to have some pull out information the user can use at any time as well as a back button or a pause button as I think there is further content needed.

4.30 pm (was 3.30pm)   Paper Prototype (Record Process using Camera) (I will need to complete further sketches before starting the paper prototype as this process is taking longer than anticipated).

Home Screen

6.30pm BREAK (Process adapted around break)

7.30 pm (was 4.30pm)  User Testing (Delayed until 7.30 to allow time for the Mock-up to be constructed) 

Usability Tests took 15 Minutes (recorded on Video)

7.45pm (was 5.30pm) Analyse Feedback (Change to 7.30pm and have break at 6.30pm )

The usability took only 15 minutes to do. In reality this could take longer as many testers will be used.

8.00 pm (was 7.30pm) Apply Changes to Paper Prototype (change to 8.00pm)

To save time in this App Jam I am going to move straight on to the Digital Wireframe and include the amendments requested by the user.

8.30pm (was 8.30pm) Digital Wireframe Prototype (Change to 9.30 not required)

As I am new to Adobe UX Design. 

I am unsure as to how long this process will take however my last task today is Artwork development which can be carried over until tomorrow as this will be used in Unity. 
I have allowed additional time here.  

10.30pm (was 9.30pm) Artwork Development (Change to 10.30)


Day 2

12pm ART Work Development

2.00pm Unity Development

6.00om 1st Demo


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