Week 3:06 High Street App

High Street App Concept

Brief: Deliver a mobile app in which a first person player navigates Market Harborough High Street. The player must proceed up the high street and into an art shop. The player must speak with the shop keeper and solve a simple problem.

The app will be produced using Unity (C#) will have some VR, AR and MR aspects to it

Deliverable: A basic vertical model of the app

Deadline: 27th August 2018


Essential to have
First person rigged 3D character
Map of Market Harborough
3D Model of the town centre
Art shop building
Shopkeep Character
Click together puzzle

Nice to have
A physical object that can interact with the game environment (AR Animation)
E-textiles game control for example and object in the local library.

Agile Methdology (Production Schedule)


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