Week 3:02 Html

So, now I’ve signed up for an app jam.. what next?

I know I can respond to a theme, I may have to use a more systemic design process than I usually use but more than that I may have to think about how to document and transfer my ideas to others.

As a code novice, I also need to find a way to make an app. If I had more time before the jam I think I’d look at Swift so that I can test my design on my iOS devices. I have just managed to purchase a cheap Android phone to test Android Apps but initially I think I will focus on using a simple App inventor program or maybe a HTML Web App.

So far, I’ve looked at

  • MIT App Inventor 
  • Atom & HTML5 Boilerplate
  • Android App Inventor 
  • Xamarin Native App Development framework 

I’m unsure which way to go and so I’m learning more about Html5 and trying out MIT App Inventor (as a click to system).

I don’t think I’m going to be able to deliver an app in 48 hours but I do think I will be able to develop a concept and paper prototype.

I will also learn more about what an App Jam is my having a go and seeing what other designers/developer come up with.


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