Week 3:0 App Jams

I’ve registered for 48 Secret Jam as Human9 

This week looks at what an App Jam is, What approaches there are to working in an App Jam, what tools are used and how to get involved in one.

App Jams allow a creative to flex their muscles and learn within a time constraint. They can vary from one hour to several months.

The creative approach to App Jamming can begin from many different anchor points and can be developed in many different ways, either solo or in small groups.

This leads me to think about my own well firmed creative process which, in a commercial context is linear, as follows:

Commercial design process

  • Brief
  • Problem identification/key learning outcomes 
  • research 
  • Initial thumbnail sketches 
  • Work ups 
  • Iterative Development in conjunction with team – commissioner – myself 
  • 1st Draft 
  • Amendments 
  • Finished artwork (if illustration)  
  • Storyboarding 
  • Animatic 
  • Character/set/prop design 
  • Final film (if animation)  
This process is more or less a linear process with some oscillation in the model between commissioner and team. 
Arts practice process

  • Internally constructed Theme/concept that can stand alone, say formed in response to a world event or observation,  or it can form the development of a previous project. 
  • The process is more emergent. 
  • It can be more open-ended and spontenious 
  • It is not restricted by economic or commercial constraints. 
App Jam process begin with a set of anchor points and approaches can differ: 
  • Mechanics : 
  • Narrative : 
  • MDA Model :   
  • Slow Boiler Approach : 
  • I.P: 
  • Blue Sky: 
Mostly apps can be thought of as..

  • Ideation
  • prototyping cycle a) sketching -presenting – critiquing 
  • Prototyping cycle b) larger cycle of prototyping & validation 
I have registered with indiegamejam.com to take part in an app Jam this coming weekend. I will have time to learn more about the tools I could be using such as twine or construct 2. 

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