Week 2:07 GIT

I need to download Github for MacOS

GitHub Podcast: 365 Tech: Collaborative AI by 365 Tech by Sweets 🍭 / Anchor

I initially installed a Git Client for Mac OS X. This is an Open Source Version Control System (VCS) called Git. (My Mac preferences did not allow me to download this initially as it was from an unidentified developer…)

I changed the security and allowed it to download but then I couldn’t find it on my HD.

And so instead, I read the Github Help book and followed this link https://desktop.github.com/ instead.

I then downloaded the GitHub and dropped the Icon on to my desk top. The visual icon will help to quickly access this later.

My Mac verified GitHub Desktop

My Username is Human-9

I have set up a Repository named Test and learned that I should always initialise README and I can set the licence for use here as well.

I’m a bit lost after that and so have asked for help!

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