Week 2:01 REALM Methodology

My understanding of App Design Methodology fits well with my understanding of action research and reflective practice.

I think that my methodology, that which I modelled in CGI entitled ‘Helix’, can be termed REALM (Reflective Agile Learning Model) 

Embedding Reflection and Learning into Agile Software Development’, Babb, Hoda, and  Narbjerg.

Mind & Nature: A Necessary Unity, Bateson, G. 1979
John Dewy 
Grounded Theory 
Action Theory 
Experiential Knowledge 



The spiral I referred to In my CGI animation was inspired by my observations of fractal patterns in natural formed objects such as a rams horn or fern leaf.  It was an attempt to visually explain a methodology that was iterative and yet   reflective in nature.  

The closest methods I could relate to at that time was action research. I found practice-based and practice-led methodologies too vague and the emphasis on philosophy rather than the research topic was particularly distracting.

Today I read the following article:

Embedding Reflection and Learning into Agile Software Development
Accessed 12/06/2018

The model combines insights and results from industrial studies of agile development practices in India, New Zealand, and the US with Schön’s  theory of reflective practice.8–[9]1

The methodology has its origins in Action research and  Grounded Theory 

Agile methods – scrum & extreme programming 

I think I should structure my blog posts with REALM, going forward. I will need to pay attention to Reflection-in-action And Reflection-on-action accordingly.

E-book central 
Agile foundations 
Barry boahrm spiral 1985 

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