Week 2:0 Introduction: An outline of Platforms and Tools

I am learning about computer languages, integrated development environments, version control systems and software development kits while thinking about my current spec (see Journal entry here)

I am thinking about whether my current set up will be suitable for the projects I outlined (see Journal entry here) 

My aim is to understand the software tools available so that I know where to look to find the information I need in order to adapt my repertoire accordingly.

I’m coming into this with a range of skills in fine art and commercial animation. This means that I work in the context of Fine Art as well as Industry. This also means that there are many apps I would like to build.

For example I could build a world in 3Ds Max and go down the route of VR. I understand that VR and Unity play nicely together and as I know 3Ds Max it could be a way to go. I’m looking at languages and David advised maybe c#, as a commercial project.

I could also programme a raspberry-Pi to control a paper sewn head/heart (or whole body) using e-textiles materials as an art project.

I could make my ‘Helix’ app (the graphics originate in 3Ds Max) which is a screen based mobile app which could be developed as an iOS native app, as a research/art project.

My next step is to

  1. Make a simple web app
  2. Learn more about C#

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