Week 11:03 Project Management Notes

How to plan and manage lager active app development projects.

Production costs impact on profitability.

App system development life – cycle (SDLC) process – software to hardware
Waterfall (Linear 7 stages)

Plan – cost/value, feasibility study, risk assessment and requirement analysis

Define – statement of requirements doc, context, objectives SMART requirements

Design – multiple solutions and architectures are evaluated and details re software/hardware management, persistency data management, security, sub system decomposition. (Find example) system design document

Build – heavy development, susbsystems set up, hardware implemented

Test – focused testing – quality standards bugs reported and fixed – beta testing happens at the end of the testing stage.

Deploy – stages minimal viable product released first

Maintain – can be costly if overlooked. Necessary updates should be installed

Evaluation – recycling

Disposal – leaks of sensitive data

Documentation is very clear.

No accommodation for change or implementation of features if happen late in life cycle.

Project management tools and techniques.
The scrum approach to SDLC
Agile is a philosophy/manefesto

SCRUM – Non hierarchical
Scrum master – unified vision – moves project forward – shield distractions
Product owner – key stakeholder – manage backlog – key features – moved from product backlog to  to sprint backlog.
Sprint –  weeks long starts with a planning meeting.
15 minute daily meeting to disseminate progress to stakeholders – obstruction update.
Sprint review – all tasks in the backlog should be completed.
What went well, what went wrong, what can be improved…
Feedback should be constructive and supportive.

Week 11: Common Pipelines for App Development
Video : Moon Gray
Zoom H6 – Audio tool shotgun mic (  ) & condenser mic (ambient sound/instruments) close to clipping point…
unedited audio – layering sound (black socks)
Pro -tools/Studio 1/pro logic (Mac only)
Adobe audition
Unity had OGG conversion system – record as WAV file
Have an uncompressed file as a master copy.
Be aware of quality versus file size cost trade off.

2D Graphics pipeline.
Generative images using procedural content
The British library – modified from copyright free image.
SVG (vector) – contraband Illustrated Graphics -,Animation
Compression – lossy (jpg) and lossless (PNG) – check file size.
Eg – game loads image to memory and then displays image size, location etc.
– UI based – mark up language defines where it should be placed and scale etc

Video pipeline
Premier for editing
After Effects
Photoshop – Typography
Prelude –
Canon 5D
Senheiser radio mic ew100
Check sound isn’t clipping and going into the red
Make sure levels are consistent
-0.1 DB set in auditions
Clips can be lost if not filed correctly.
In premier pro right click and create a sequence from the clip,
When edited render out using media encoder
File format – h264/Vimeo preset

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