Week 11:02 Theory retrospective review and future research

Thesis retrospective 01 
Previous Lines of enquiry 
  • What is the tension I experience when I interact with cgi software as a stop motion animator? 
    • Is the tension one of material culture? 
    • Is the tension one of cultural values and beliefs? 
    • Is the tension one of materiality? 
    • Is the tension one of haptic and tactile feedback ? 
    • Is the tension one of peripheral device design? 
    • Is the tension one of interface design? 
    • Is the tension one of interaction Design?  
    • Is it something else? – (interactive feedback-internal modelling loop) it could be argued that  the tension is one of updating internal models of a ‘world’, when in uncertain conditions with complex information that requires better feedback mechanisms (access to the stuff itself), interface design and control when designing for a stop motion animator).   
  • What is Animation? Should I establish an historical context ? (Emerging technologies and my Personal history)  
  • What is practice-based/led methodology? How is this different from a theoreticians perspective?   (Practitioner ‘insider’ research.. to answer, What does my research have to do with animation? ) 
  • What is it I do when I do animation? 
  • What is happening when I interact with space, time and materials in Contemporary 3D Animation    practice? (Small scale models in the mind,and the Interaction between materials/spaces/tools and  Control in the studio/natural spaces, Reenacting recalling retelling the memory of production)
  • Can practice-led/based research be better acquired and disseminated? 
  • What is my ontology, epistemology and methodology? (Quantum Physics/ unified Theory, Fine Art/Design Research, Experiential Knowing, Action Research, Spiral methodology)
  • What is the role of HE today? What is the future of animation andragogy? 
Future Research  

  • VR (Immersion) Narrative (storytelling from within constructed worlds – Hero’s story/artists journey) 
    • What is the story of the Middle Eastern conflict?    
    • Is there a solution to climate change? 
    • Is mental ill-health escalating?  
    • Is there life after death?
    • Are we alone in the universe? 

  • VR Narrative and Periphery Device Design Experimentation

  • Can human-computer interaction be naturalised, and if it can, should it be? (Naturalising HCI)Utopian design – design ethics and the Power of software design)

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