Week 1:06 Activity Update : Adobe UX Research

I have been researching how to create a professional mock-up using Adobe UX. (Lynda.com provided by Falmouth Uni, is an invaluable resource). I watched the Adobe XD CC Essential Design with Damian Borba.

I began to think about how I could design my app ‘No Problemo’ and illustrate the functionality as an initial concept, so that I could communicate my concept to the team.

The demo given explained how a style guide could be captured from a live website and used as a starting point for the app design.

Rather than use a website, I thought I could use a famous happy little chap called ‘Speedy Gonzales’.

Warner Brothers, 2018: Accessed 12/06/2018  https://www.warnerbros.co.uk/tv/big-faces-speedy-gonzales-and-friends/big-faces-speedy-gonzales-and-friends

I am working on the mock-up at the moment and will post these shortly.

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