Week 1:02 Brain Dump – Project Outlines

Project Outlines

1. Project Shell 

Design and Develop a visual arts project in which a prototype model of a human body, constructed from paper and conductive thread responds to projected images.

The model could be constructed this from paper and conductive thread connected to a small programmable device such as an Arduino and maybe include a small projector which could project a responsive app (Helix).


    Kinetic Sculpture 
    Kinetic Screen

    Kinetic Screen

    2. Project Helix

    Design and Develop a visual diary for the Practice-Based Researcher.

      This mobile app captures practice-based research, organises, and presents data content such as voice recording, interview videos, models. The app will easily present the data as a written thesis. This app could also allow access to the code.

      3. Project Fizhogg (Extended to a 3D World)

      Design and Develop a high street app.

        This app is a fantasy world (based on Market Harborough and surrounding villages) in which prominent buildings and shops can be accessed, leading to further commercial and social website content.

        This could be modelled in 3Ds Max and built in unity.

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