Week 10:07 Fighting Fantasy Game Books (Steve Jackson & Ian Livingston)

In thinking about VR Narrative I am reminded about the fighting fantasy game Books I read in the 1980’s/1990’s.

Steve Jackson Fighting fantasy Books used dice (hence chance) to navigate the narrative.

Copyright Steve Jackson (1983)
Illustrator – Russ Nicholson 

I loved these books! I think that this non-linear system approach to story telling may be useful in helping to structure a VR Narrative.

🔲 Instead of throwing the dice at the beginning to decide stamina etc.. select a character.
🔲 There should be no dead end.. so one ‘infinite lives’ potion coming up!
🔲 There should be a strong ‘world concept’
🔲 All paths should lead to the critical plot points
🔲 Multiple perspectives could mean multiple stories.

Apparently there is a resurgence..



…and yes, I do remember the five fingered bookmark.

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