Week 10.04 who else is making apps content (notes)

Communities of practice (My observations/reflections are written in Red) 

BCS – The British computer society
IEEE – The institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
Association for computing Machinery

(Read these journals and follow on Twitter/linked in etc) 

The agile movement
Agile manefesto
Agile on the beach.

I’ve been thinking about Agile principles, how these are integrated within a business and how this  appears to function within the I.T department in contrast to other departments within the company. 

I am currently thinking about the tension between agile practices and the everyday world in which this interacts. I was thinking about the hiercahies of finance and Human Resources which are structured as a tiered system rather than an agile systemic one. 

I am in no doubt about the benefits of agile thinking and I am aware of the challenges where different models of practice meet. 

The maker movement
Practical skills-digital lives.
Maker manifesto
Maker spaces
Make mag

The hacker movement
(1960’s ‘ingenious’ intellectual challenge to overcome limits in technology and produce innovative solutions) love of programming, tinkering with tech.

STACK OVERFLOW – bolesky and Attwood

Moderator – keyword flagging could be useful for my ‘no problemo’ App concept. I was thinking about how I could oversee the advice given by players. 

Online forums
Specific platform discourse

Trade events
Meet ups

The game development conference
Stack overflow

Venga – social learning 

Explicit and Tacit knowledge …

(Metaphor/mental model/physical models..) 

Belinda Waldock Interview – Agile

Andy Smith – Maker Movement  (Falmouth)  loving the Hair – Great Look 🙂 

✔️ publishing on an open source licence.
✔️ The Arduino Project – sensors and actuators news on my toast!
✔️ Ada-fruit.com
✔️ Raspberry Pi – British – Educating Pupils – low cost
✔️ Github
✔️ Thingyverse
✔️ Fablabs.io
✔️ Spark Fun

Heidi Ellis – Open Sourse Movement
✔️ Sahana – disaster management software
✔️ Strong Angel – a Volunteer management module
✔️ HFOSS – Humanitarian open source
✔️ GNOME shell for libcarabou
✔️ IBM
✔️ Mozilla Foundation
✔️ 1970’s ‘Pay for’ software introduced
✔️ GNU project – Free Software
✔️ Linux
✔️ Apache Web Servers
✔️ The Cloud – Red Hat Linux (Fedora)

Scratch your own itch 

What local and global connections can I make which will help me and where I can help others? David@Brooke House College

What questions can I ask?

Can I find a mentor who could help me to integrate into the community?

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