Week 10.0 Sarra.tv rebrand

In preparation for the end of this module, I have been working on rebranding my commercial website , sarra.tv so that I can represent my new skillset.

So far, I have,

✔️ Written a mission statement.
✔️ Designed a new logo.
✔️ Created a logo model
✔️ Created a set of icons
✔️ Created a set of button designs
✔️ Added a header image for each project
✔️ Written new project copy for each project apart from 2 projects.

I am in the process of,

🔲 Drawing storyboards for an animated website header video
🔲 Adding copy to two projects

I need to,

🔲 Draw Storyboards for a new Showreel
🔲 Edit Animation teasers for each project.

In order to control this development I have created a separate Trello board. I am still returning to old habits of using my notes on my iPad to create to-do lists but I understand how this is not measured and can be a ‘never ending’ list. I use my notes because I can easily tick off tasks and can also write web copy to later copy and paste on to the web.

It’s just a habit I need to modify to make my process more time critical.

I am working on this.

Original Sewn Graphic
 Cleaned up Graphic


Mock up for Shoot

 Connects commercial work to experimental practice. 

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