Week 1: 05 Activity Update


As long as we have each other we will never run out of problems

I initially thought that the task was that we should be designing an app that deals with some kind of human problem.

After speaking with the team, I understand that the general consensus is that its actually about how we support each other to solve problems.

So on that basis, Can I design an app concept that supports others to solve problems…

I ask:

How do we solve problems?

How do we assist others to solve problems?

Ultimately, What kind of problems could we help to solve?


Thumbnail Sketches

Provisional App Name
The following screen will display
The user can then then… 
a) Either Ask for Help…

B) Provide Help…

To ask for Help 



The screen will display quick links to the general areas of help first of all
(Instead of ‘need to ask a question’ it could just say ‘Have a Question?’ 

To ask a question the next screen will display
Do you have a picture or video to share?
Do you have picture or video to share? 

To Provide Help 

The Amigo in need of help will then receive a message…
… and hopefully the answer isn’t turning it off and back on again.


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