SMART Goals (Redefined)

Narrative (XR):
To write an XR Narrative experience, I will need to script a branching first person ‘choose your own adventure’ story which will include some puzzle solving. The narrative draws from local history and knowledge which is gently pushed into the inventive and the eccentric. To do this I will need to experience RPG game play and deconstruct narrative structure so as to better understand how it works. I will need to do this by January 2020. I will know that I have achieved this when I can map the story, choices and interactions  in a way that can be clearly understood by a trusted colleague.

3D Modelling (Maya) :
To build on my 3D Modelling skills acquired 3Ds Max, I will need to produce a simple set, a rigged character and props for my XR project, Fizhogg (Provisional name). I will need to choose a single character and prop which will be exported to a simple white box model set in unity. This does not need to be an artefact for Fizhog but can be from my new module project. I will need to do this by September 2019. I will know I have achieved this when I can apply my interaction to my models in unity.

App Development (iOS and Android)
To publish mobile applications I will need to take a project from conception to publication on the Apple App Store and Google Play. I will need to acquire a publishing licence and fully understand how to navigate the vetting process. In the next collaborative App project I will focus on the technical and publication aspect of the process. I will do this by December 2019. I will know I have achieved this when I can explain the process to others within my group.

Game Development (Unity):
To develop an XR Animated experience I will need to learn Unity for export to Ninetendo Switch by registering for a licence and then design a white box prototype using C# Code Interactions. I will need to do this in my next project which will be complete by September 2019. I will know that I have achieved this if I can conduct user testing on a simple white box model 1st person player prototype for the switch platform.

Research (Academic)
To write a new research proposal I will examine how the theme of ‘darkness’ can be explored within the context of feminism and the experience of women at the intersection between videogames, expanded Animation and multimedia generally. Taking my current research in animation and expanded animation I now want to examine XR Animation and experience design. The deadline for this is May 2020. I will know that I have done this when I have written and submitted my masters thesis as a prelude to a new research project.

Research Network (Digital & Physical RPG)

To develop a digital RPG/Cinematic VR project, I need to understand how to write a multiple pathway ‘choose your own adventure’ script. I will do this my conducting grey and academic literature in conjunction with learning from practitioners in the field. I will do this by conducting a sweep of literature in the games research as well as joining local meet-up groups in my area. I will do this by September 2019. I will know I have achieved this when I have attended 2 digital and 2 physical events.

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