Rapid Tranquillisation (RT)

The Rapid Tranquillisation (RT) eLearning project is currently in development. It is being produced using Lectora Inspire 18 and project assets are being designed using variety of Adobe creative cloud software.

Photoshop has been used to edit images and produce animated GIFs, After effects to create motion graphic animated gifs, Illustrator to edit and produce vector illustrations and SVG game assets, and premier pro to reverse motion and export to gif.

The software used is part of an efficient work flow that depends on how the graphic was developed and what it is needed for. 



Illustrated graphics, downloaded as Illustrator files from Shutterstock, have been broken apart to isolate certain elements and to change the colour of characters, so that a sense of diversity can be achieved. 


This animation was designed to remind the learner that only medication authorised in writing can be given to the patient.

The writing is deliberately not legible so that the pen animation can be used across different projects, as and when required, in the future. 





This visual demonstration is designed to prompt the learner to think about how quickly they can access senior clinical support, should they need it urgently

This visual demonstration is designed to show how distraction can help deescalate a patients response without the use of IM medication.

Instructions on how to produce this graphic have been provided on the project Trello board to help other team members replicate the production process if the want to. There are 5 other mazes available that can be used in future projects.






This gif has been designed as a transparent gif so that a background can be edited in Lectora and Adobe CC as necessary. This asset can be added to the team assets and used across different projects.

This design was also produced as an embossed paper graphic, but wasn’t suitable for this project due to issues of legibility for learners with sight impairment.





A final animation has been produced that includes the cog button SVG graphic. The text can be easily changed to suit other projects.

Although gifs can be included in Lectora, and are small file sizes compared to video, they generally loop unless processed again on photoshop. The looping effect that can be distracting, however this issue can be solved in Lectora, by timing out the next page action to coincide with the reversed action of the gif.

Still graphics and illustrations can be produced from the same assets, very quickly once designed. All work can be shared and edited by other members of the team for use on other projects.

As the project is still in development, it requires a review at this time. There are known edits that need to be completed such as a downloadable PDF document needs including, an image check for the resuscitation equipment needs adding, the SME needs to advise on the medication drag and drop activity, weblink and readability checks need to be done and some design editing is required.

The project will be updated when released.