Pandemonium : A year on from MA Creative App Development

Pandemonium :


1. wild uproar or unrestrained disorder; tumult or chaos.
2. a place or scene of riotous uproar or utter chaos.
3. (often initial capital letterthe abode of all the demons.
4. hell.


If you are a certain age you may understand the reference.. I’m just off to play a bit of Pandy for a bit.!

The original ToysForBob version…

I didn’t think that, back at the beginning of 2020, I would refer to going out in a global pandemic as ‘I’m just off to play a bit of pande for a bit’ in a ‘gallows humour’ kind of way. In our house that’s the way we deal with the darkest and most serious things…
Anyway, since completing the MA in creative application development (Falmouth University) in April last year, (when I kept my head down long enough to kick the final project over the finishing line knowing that was only its first stage of development), I emerged from my cave into a very changed world.
I did a bit of a deep dive into my projects, considering Helix, POD, (name not disclosed) Clinicians mood tracker and lunarium. I decided that although the theme park industry would be fantastic fun and ultimately very creative, the site location aspect of my Lunarium app could be explored in the field of wellbeing and healthcare. I became really interested in immersive training that deployed VR and site located tech to create simulated training experiences for clinicians.
I joined the NHS in August 2020, in a role that was responsible for infection control audits, PPE and clinic stock control, using Trello Boards to control and track the project.
 I developed a simple system that would manage various processes and systems in the department.
I went on to work in Learning and Development team as a systems lead, responsible for virtual learning. In this role I have answered the vaccination hotline, given out lateral flow kits, hosted compliance video training sessions, produced an infection control training video, delivered compliance training to those staff shielding, produced numerous communications relating to training courses, training videos and face to face delivered content as well as giving some insight into e-learning platforms by converting flas to javascript and advising on html5 and mobile device publication… generally just helping out where I could.
I have re-visited my career plan many times, and re-written my SMART goals (published in January). I am making small steps to achieving these goals, albeit the progress is slow. I have commenced the Instructional Design Pathway on Linked In learning.


I have also produced another mask for the Lunarium Project. I am continuing to produce models for this in paper and create designs to produce them in blender and Unity. I am still working out how the paper models will translate into unity, doing this by producing a paper cut illustrated poster.


I continue to conduct research in immersive site located entertainment and healthcare training as well as identify developments in VR generally. This activity gives me hope that we will be get back to normal soon, even if this is a ‘new normal’.
I watch the news and internalise a lot of events that are happening in the world, I try to keep my moral compass facing north and protect my personal integrity with the single belief that together, we can create a new world (a hundred times better than the old one).

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