New Studio

 For the last few months I have been working on reorganising the studio to accommodate a new process in which I create a personal collection of Cyanotype images in which I explore natural sunlight and form using this really versatile cameraless photography technique. 

It is intended  that the Cyanotypes be virtually presented initially as a 360 app in which framed ‘prints’ are hung within a 3D cyanotype-like virtual space. 

This will be produced using the unreal engine as the assets created for the 360 gallery will be used to create an openworld prototype that will allow visitors to explore a living world of changing light, beyond the static print images an into an immersive world. 

Merribel Woods ( SSSI )

Digital Editing, Design & Production Set Up

Adobe Creative Cloud  / Blender / Unity Engine/ Unreal Engine / oculus / iOS / windows

100% Sustainable Energy (Electric & Gas) OVO 


Composition Area 

Veg plots with wild flowers.. 

Local Delivery : My trusty old bike

National Delivery : WEGO Nottingham

Burglar Alarm 


Note: Can easily be bypassed with dog treats…. 

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