Lunarium 2 : materials

 A big part of this project as that the original models are created physically from paper and then translated into cgi (or vice versa) . It’s a kind of experimental ping pong which has been going on in my work process since 2007. I am interested in applying material thinking to cgi and conversely cgi modelling to physical materials. 

I love making physical models out of paper and I really enjoy the challenge of using this mindset in digital world building.

Drawn sketch of the Alien Death Character 

Unity Probuilder Alien Death Character 

Paper model Alien Death Character (in progress)

I figure that one thing that Covid has taken from us (apart from our smiles) is our sense of close proximity to others and our sense of touch.

So aside from the technical challenges that Unity presents to me on a daily basis, I am currently exploring tactile and tangible touch in my game design. 

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