Lunarium 2 : Hand Interaction

It has been tricky to get the kind of hand interaction I was looking for. Using the Oculus Integration plug in on Unity 2019.4 LTS I was able to initially indicate hand interaction by representing the hands as oculus quest controllers. I didn’t really want this as I would like the player to have their own hands represented as they begin to pick up and interact with objects in the environment. 

OVR Hand Prefabs

I added the OVR left and right hand prefabs into the scene. I’d like to use a custom designed hand material for Lunarium and this will go on the development backlog. 

Next Steps: 

Current Object Interaction ispoor and I would like to really experiement with various options which I hope will include animated objects, fixed object holds, sound effects, visual effects, and gravity. 

  • Create 3 Balls for the Knock Em out Teeth Game Stall 
  • Create Teeth to interact with the balls 
  • Create a counter that will count the teeth as they fall 
  • If successful the player will gain a silver coin. 

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