LMS Management

Sarra produces content for the uLearn Learning Management System (LMS) and has experience managing the administration for this system, as well as Sage and Moodle LMS’.

Each LMS has its own capability, and some are easier to administer than others, however they are essentially distribution and tracking systems for managing student and workforce training.

The systems host and distribute Scorm 2.0 compliant training material, offered as seminar, eLearning or blended training. Course materials can be downloaded as stand alone content such as PowerPoint, print documents, interactive PDFs or as full eLearning courses.

As a TEL developer, training products are developed using a variety of eLearning tools such as Adobe Captivate, Nimble, Adapt or Lectora, in addition to other industry standard tools such as Adobe Creative Cloud, open access software and mobile digital design apps such as Procreate.

All TEL products are designed for distribution on the LMS and comply  with NHS best practice regarding inclusion and diversity guidelines for accessibility and readability, and adhere to NHS and local Learning and development, branding and style guides.