GAM740 week 7:01 Monetisation

Monetisation Notes

In app purchases
In app Advertising
App Sales


Monetisation strategy
Eg: Soundcloud
Free signup
New recording artists acquired followers on soundcloud
No pivoting to include premium paid for services.

Users are attracted to free apps and revenue is funded by advertising but this could be at the detriment of UX.


  • banner ads cover valuable screen space 
  • Ads may not be relevant to the game play
  • Players trigger the ad to get a reward by choice… as part of the game (integration) 
  • Product placement? 
  • Access to funders retail website? 
Eg: double rewards at the end of the level by watching the video. 
Eg: Best Fiends: at the end of the level you spin a board to gain rewards. 
Eg: Sonic Dash – watch a video to allow you to continue rather than having to start again (life saver)
Set up a ‘get coins’ button with a script which would make the add ready to view Using just 3 lines of script. 
  1. Using system; 
  2. Using UnityEngine;
  3. Using UnityEngine.UI;
  4. Using system.collections;
  5. Using UnityEngine.Advertisements; 
  6. Public class getcoinsbutton : MonoBehaviour
  7. {
  8. Bool interactable;
  9. Button _button;
  10. Void Start ()
  11. {
  12. _button =GetComponent
  13. _button.interactable = false;
  14. Advertisement.Initialize (“1002525”, true); 
  15. //startCoroutine (ShowButtonWhenReady ());
  16. {
  17. IEnu Erato ShowButtonWhenReady()
  18. {
  19. //while (!Advertisement.IsReady ())
  20. Yield return null; 

The medical training app would be paid for as a one off fee funded by the NHS trust. Continual monetisation would be received from a optional maintenance contract. 

The Unity monetisation may be more relevant to my Fizhogg/meedbun projects. I was initially thinking about how those shops and associations featured in the game would have their own retail/association websites which can be accessed via the app. 

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