GAM740 Week 4:01 Client Contract

I am currently in the process of drawing up the client contract which will be signed today.

Brief research into user epics and personas have been undertaken and it’s from this point that I will create a paper prototype.

This will allow me to begin prototyping using Adobe XD for the 1st prototype delivery deadline 11th November 2018 (Sunday)

I need to confirm if there will be an NDA for this project of whether I will be able to use some aspects of my project on my website and portfolio either during development or after launch

As this is a training project and not necessarily a commercial venture I am beginning to think about how the project could be fully monetised now and in the future. My initial response is that this could be achieved by  a usage limitation clause and a maintenance contract clause. I will probably pass this through the client contact before I write up the final contract.

I will then update the Trello project management page.

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