GAM740 Week 3:01 Estimation

I have written the key features and estimated their complexity so that I can write an accurate estimate the time I need to allow in the project plan and how much I will need to charge for the app development.

Project Plan (NB: NDA)

Prototype 1 – iOS/Android Brochure App Wireframe Prototype Est. 11/11/18 
Prototype 2 – VR Treatment Room Option – Est. 25/11/18
Prototype 3 – Limited Patient Interaction and User Test Option (Prototype 3) – EST 12/12/18

Prototype Features (NB: NDA)

Estimated deliverables have been entered into the Product Backlog for each sprint as detailed on the Project Management Board (Trello) 


Remember: “the primary measure of progress is working software”

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