Gam740 Week 2:03 – Envisioning : Ideation and Research

Scrum envisioning process (product process planning)

Ideation Stage

  • Brief 
  • Deconstructing key phrases 
  • Identifying similar products on the market 
  • Informed concept to produce a high level document 
  • Produce a proposal document (written client proposal) 
  • Scrum plan document (formulating a plan of action) 
Product charter 
Target Customer
Key Benefits
Purpose of the project
Information about roles and responsibilities

Defining the charter 
Elevator Statement
Product data sheet
Product vision box
User conference studies
Press release
Magazine review

User Story and Epics
As a ______ I Need_____ so that I _____  


I have conducted market research for iOS and Android Devices.

There is nothing available that exactly answers the client brief however there are similar apps on the market.

I need to identify the key requirement and ensure that the app extends the clients current training provision effectively.


I have brain stormed my initial ideas and mapped them visually. 

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