GAM740 week 2:02 – Work Flow Design

As the details of the live brief start to come in I am thinking carefully about how to manage the project so that it can be delivered on time and on budget (so to speak).

Having set up a Trello board I am researching the differences and similarities between game development, app development and my own commercial development work flow.

What I am looking for is a way to smoothly integrate my established creative development practice into the app and game development environment.


How can I  design a workflow which flows from brief-conceptualisation-visualisation-wireframe (Adobe XD), to then develop models in Maya and add interaction in Unity (using C#) to produce a working prototype efficiently ?

I am currently investigating Game Development timelines and examples from industry to understand how my current strengths fit within the structure and hierarchy of the game Studio.

What I am discovering is that Animation Production, App Development, Game Development and Experience Design Development intersect across disciplines and the work flows which are designed for a high level of creativity and efficiency can be aligned.

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