GAM740 Week 12:01 _ Packaging the project

The new deadline for this project is 24th March 2019. I will revisit this post when I am ready to submit the project.

The project Retrospective (Project post mortem) 
What did we do well ?
What did we learn ?
What should we do differently next time ? 
What still puzzles us ? 

Encourage open and honest discussion….

Send a questionnaire to the client

  • What do you think went well 
  • What was the most frustrating 
  • What changes would you like to talk about 
  • Were the goals of the project clear 
  • Were you given adequate resources
  • How clear was the project ? 
  • What the schedule clear 
  • Were the deliverables clear ? 
Client Communication log  

Reflective Report (not just a step by step report)


  1. Concrete experience 
  2. Reflective observation 
  3. Abstract Conceptualisation – reflection gives rise to a new idea
  4. Active Experimentation – Apply the reflection to the world 

Career Progression:

I want to be able to produce mixed reality experiences that instruct, inform and inspire. 

The roles I am interested in are 

XR Experience Designer (XR – VR/AR/MAR)

XR Experience Producer (XR – VR/AR/MAR)

I am researching a number of experience design studios and XR designers/producers in the field. 

I am also looking at the employment opportunities within the field and assessing my strengths and weaknesses accordingly. 

This assessment has informed my SMART Goals which are to improve my CGI modelling portfolio, Master Unity, Learn to write interaction in C#, Research VR Animation production for my final project. 

If I was focusing on production then I would need to research project management tools and other job spec requirements.    

Step into GROWTH 


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