GAM740 week 11:01 Analysis

Analysis Notes:
Qualitiative – why and how to fix a problem
Quantitative – what

Statistical Analysis
Quantified self movement – Beautiful quantitative data

Research – Case Study

Reporting your results

Analyse your results – communicate this to the client.
– Avoid false signals
– Be honest and open with the client
– Make the best product possible.

Example: How casual are casual games? E.Geelhoed 2017

  • What is casual gaming? Short, quick, simple rules, 74% female… 
  • Types of causal games match thre puzzlers, simulations, snowball games, platform/jump/sonic hedgehog, quick shooters/catch, card games …. etc
Match Three Puzzlers 
  • Disproportionate pleasing feedback 
  • Slot Machines 
  • Candy Crush 

Flashing colours
Illusion of control
Tidy up/restore 

In addition it can be : 
  • A short time out in between tasks or social networking activities 
  • Switch Off 
  • Fill empty time 
  • Mindfulness  
Design values 
  • Acceptability 
  • Accessibility 
  • Simplicity 
  • Flexible 
  • Target Audience Females of 30 years old.
  • Survey 

– Participants
– Method

  • Results 

Top 3

The survey was

  • Exploratory 
  • May be able to do some segmentation 
  • difference between designers and consumers 
  • gender differences 
  • low budget study – different people from different parts of society.  
  • 55 Participants 
  • 23 3rd year games students (4 female 19 male) 
  • 9 young mums from Redruth 
  • 19 first year events management students (17 females, 2 males) 
  • 4 older men 


  • Top 3 favourite mobile games : Likes and dislikes 
  • 13 Graphic Ratings Scale Questionnaire 
  • How much do you enjoy the look and feel of a short game? scale not at all ________ Very 
Market segmentation in 7 easy steps… 
Correlation (spread) diagram 
Plot the statistics on an x diagram so that you can see the clusters and the dots can be coded so that you can better see the results. 



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