Gam740 Week 1:02 – Reflection on practice

On reflection, my project management was good and I found Trello to be very effective. I adapted my ‘waterfall’ commercial creative process to an agile one. This helped to allow for an iterative approach in response to client feedback and user testing. My strong creative visualisation helped me to develop an HTML5 App, an AR App and an VR App and I could communicate my concepts effectively, both verbally and visually.

The project halted when I attempted to produce the concepts as a working prototype. I misjudged the learning curve I would encounter in Maya (I’d previously modelled in 3DsMax) and work faltered when I tried to import models into Unity.I felt a pressure to learn C# and I became increasing frustrated with the process.

In retrospect I could have simplified the process by producing a simple box interaction in unity.  I also became distracted by research and although it informs an original response to a brief this can be a bit of a ‘rabbit hole’ . This arises from the ‘slow boil’ approach I use when working in my experimental practice.I became deeply engaged with researching VR Narrative and periphery device design which will be useful for my final project but did delay progress in this module.   

  • I need to start focusing on the single brief and ensure that all activities apply to the work in hand.
  • I need to realistically estimate challenges I face so that I can overcome these given a reasonable timescale which if underestimated can be demotivating.   
  • I will continue to use Trello to control my project management which will help to meet deadlines and communicate to team members. I will continue to apply agile principles and focus on my C#, Maya, Unity, VR Narrative, Research SMART Goals, ensuring that I apply the right tool to the requirements of the projects constraints. Developing my coding and app development skills are essential. 

I have clearly marked the project deadlines on a new Trello Board which I will post shortly. I am uncertain as to how I will be able to advance my SMART goals, or whether I will be able to join with a colleague who has stronger skills than I do.

I have contacted several people and have put a call out but if I cant work with someone else I will have to scale the project using my current skillset.


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