Gam740 – Sprint 0 Review

Reflecting on Sprint 0 (Reflections on practice in red type)

VR Satellite project – suspended
This project was NDA and it was difficult to get confirmation of the Brief.
Research into this project overlapped with the Agricultural Machine Project.
This was deliberate in that, in my commercial practice, multiple projects need to be handled at any given time. This is mainly to do with having to test the validity and potential of many different projects prior to making a pitch.

Agricultural machine VR/AR project – suspended
This project is currently suspended. This was unfortunate as the project promised to be very challenging, experimental and a lot of fun. The project has been shelved at this time although it is hopeful that the client will work with me at a later date.

Podiatric VR/AR Training App – In process
This project was previously discussed with Jamie White. The project, although not NDA, needs to be confidential. This project is a good fit because …

1. I have several mental health e-learning projects in my portfolio.
2. I want to extend my portfolio to XR Design (AR/VR/MR)
3. I want to be able to build on my Maya skills by building a technical model.
4. I want to flex my technical and medical research skills (SMART) goal.
5. I want to be able to add interaction using C# in Unity (SMART) goal.
6. I am interested in VR Narrative and this may be useful in this project.
7. I am interested in the Therapeutic applications of VR and VR Narrative Research (I am likely to
engage in deeper research of this topic, on my experimental journal site, as it may form part of a PhD proposal). Meditation and biometric response is of particular interest to me due to having a life-long spiritual and Buddhist, Meditation and visualisation practice.

Deconstructing the Brief
I am currently examining and evaluating the brief so that I can find the key point of tension in the podiatric process. I am asking lots of questions in regards to current training provision, user profiles and technical content.

Market Research
I have briefly looked at other apps on the market and have discovered a similar brochure app which provides simple instructions via video. I think the app could go further and be more effective than  that which is currently on the market. The key will be to identify the specific learning outcomes and the key challenge. I will need to provide research to support my proposal.

Content Research
The content is challenging and medically quite difficult however the key will be in providing clear and simple instruction but factoring in access to further, more complex research for those who require more detailed information.

Special Considerations

  • What would be the most effective way to present the process? 
  • Accessibility – How will the tools me handled? 
  • Confidentiality – Are there any special measures to consider?  
  • Inclusivity – Will subtitles be useful ? 
  • Research – How will the information remain current?   

Brain Storm
I will produce a brain storm diagram when I have read through the content provided by the instructor. This process seems similar to the way in which I would work with the SME (subject matter expert) to produce an e-learning course.

Project management and timelines
I have a Trello project management set up and I am keeping this up to date. I expect to work through the research on Tuesday and write my proposal on Wednesday. I will need to explain the agile  methodology to the client and how I intend to produce 2 prototype models at key points in the schedule.

Sprint 1 Prototype – week 6
Sprint 2 Prototype – week 9

User profiles
I am in the process of defining the user profiles. This is important as I should be able understand the user needs in terms of simplifying the information and designing the user experience. Different users will have different levels of medical knowledge and experience but will also have differing levels of confidence with mobile technology.

Having written an account of my Sprint review and I will now reflect on this retrospectively.

Working with several live leads at the same time is a familiar feeling and there is a very strong sense that I would like to be able to deploy a waterfall approach and just get the job done. However, I am learning to think in the agile way by holding more loosely on to the project as I allow for feedback and better concepts to evolve in a more co-creative and collaborative environment. Going forward it is important to engage the client as a co-creative without overwhelming them with too much technical information but encouraging them to ‘think outside the box’. 

I am also aware that my ‘slow-boil’ approach to research I deploy in experimental practice can be time-inefficient and so I will be more focused and expedient in the decision making process. This should help me to meet my project milestones effectively.

The next part of this process is to outline the details of an effective app concept that meets (or exceeds) the brief. I will need to listen carefully to the clients needs, questioning them as necessary to  really get to the heart of the app concept.

At this stage I think the key point is to answer to the question,

How can VR/AR more effectively transfer both technical information and a practical process to users with varying technical and medical knowledge so that they can effectively examine the foot of a patient ce thereby reducing/ preventing serious ulceration and amputation?

Proposal (TBA)

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