GAM730 Week 10:04 User Research

NOTES: Qualitative Research Methodology in Distributed Teams

App Demo Study User Research

Ask, Observe and Perform approach outlined by Dishman

  • Ask – Understand the Opinions, Concerns, and Values of the end user. 
  • Observe – Reaffirms what has been said and captures pattern and behaviour.    
  • Perform – Test and Act our intuitions and delivers insight into how the user might behave. 

User Research Methods by Erik Geelhoed

  • Define Scope 
  • Define Research Questions 
  • Structured Interview one person by skype – Qualitative Data _ what matters to them most, what they find important and what they don’t find important. How things do or don’t effect them. Questions formulated here can be added to a quantitative questionnaire. Interviews have a high research cost. The interviewer has the flexibility of probing deeper when information is revealed. Sample sizes can be small but is more in-depth than a questionnaire. The logistics can be difficult especially is you want to interview where they use the app.     
  • Focus Group 
  • Observe people – make notes and video 
  • Keep a notepad when observing 
  • Ask user to Keep a Diary to collect data from users over a week
  • Questionnaire – Quantitative Data – Have a lower research cost than interviews but can take longer to design and test out. Sample sizes are bigger but arent as deep as an interview. Simple statistical analysis in Excel.      
Performance Measures
  • Game and Time to completeion, score level, how quickly etc
  • Physiological measures
  • Galvanic Skin response (GSR)set – Adruino (How much you sweat when engaged)
  • EEG – Fluctuations of electricity in the brain.
  • Heart Rate and Blood Pressure    
Computer Logs
  • When the user started using it. 
  • When they ended using it. 
  • How people use games consoles 
  • Frequency of use
  • Log Button usages  
Psychological research 
  • Systematic Data Gathering 
  • Systematic Data Analysis 
  • Systematic Story Telling (Modelling) 
  • Generalises findings for a larger group of people.  
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research compliments each other. 
  • The Analysis will take time and may require expert advice.    

Research Design and Methodology…

  • If the research is carried out by various team members in different locations, how do you ensure consistency across the study?
  • How will you collate the results so they are easy to analyse? 
  • Which research methods will produce results best suited to answer the research questions? 

Research Questions..

Given the timescale..

  • User Research can be carried out by observing a small sample of users to obtain qualitative research using simple interview methods.  
  • A simple 10 question questionnaire can be sent out to users to obtain quantitative research. 
  • The results can be collated on a simple spreadsheet/table. 
Handbook of Usability Testing : How to Plan, Design, and Conduct Effective Tests
Play as Researcg : Zimmerman
Designing For The Elderly: Ways Older People Use Digital Technology Differently
IDEO Design Kit

I am currently downloading the APK to an Android Device so that it can be tested. I intend to capture the user experience so that I can send the user data to Mike. This should help inform future development.  

We understand that user testing should be carried out at all stages of the design process and that our approach should harness a ‘user-centered’ approach. However, this faltered early in development due to losing a valuable member of our programming team which has been produced solely by Mike and also due to Zabit, our researchers steep learning curve as well as feedback within the team faltering due to a death my family. In light of this extraordinary circumstances, we have a working prototype.. no mean feat under the circumstances!   

Although there are many features on the backlog which will guide the development of future features, and which will be touched upon in the App Video, we are now focusing on conducting some user testing following the guidelines from week 10. 

The needs of the end user are difficult to understand the needs, aspirations of the end users. 


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