GAM730 Week 10:02 Resilience Logo Unity Splash Screen Assets and Colour Palette.

I wanted to work on the UI and so began with the Splash Screen. This can be found in the player options of Unity.

I have designed Resilience Assets as follows:

File Set Up as Follows:

  • 72 Resolution 
  • Square Pixels 
  • PNG File 
  • Transparent Background

Full Resilience Logo Files as Follows:

1024 x 1024 px with Solid Black Background

512 x 512 px

256 x 256 px 
48 x 48 px

32 x 32 px

16 x 16 px

(Alternative Low Res Icon) 

This has been saved as a Layered Photoshop file which means that it will be possible to create an animated gif or .mp4 at a later date. This will illustrate how the hammer strikes the anvil which creates our ideas.. Resilience, Hard work and Creativity!

Colour Palette 

RED Hex d90000
Grey Hex dfdfdf
Black Hex 000000
White Hex ffffff

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