GAM730 Week 09:13 Update

Agent Geolocated AR App 
Pokemon go meets Escape Rooms
Sin City 

Sarra – Creative 
  • AR Training course – Lynda & Prototype Tests 
  • Training on Github and Gitkraken – Issues in file sharing and testing – looking at other options such as Unity Cloud build – scene and asset sharing etc
  • Unity issues on upgrading – same version needed and we have different spec & tech expertise 
  • Maya Training course 
Sarra – Currently creating a drone model but will be moving on to Agent Map Icon Models Male and Female, as well as a location icon. 
  • Researched Unity and Maya modelling best practice 

UI Sketches

Mike – Project Management & Programming

  • Trello Boards 
  • Gitkraken Training 
  • Github Set Up 
  • Unity Training Course 

Mike – Currently working on the Mapbox and AR functionality. 

Zabit – Research 
  • Conducting Academic and User Research 

Zabit – Currently Producing a user questionnaire. 

New Team Name

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