GAM730 Week 08:02 – AR Project Notes

These are my notes from the AR Geolocated Experiments I am conducting using Unity, Maya and Mapbox.

  • Unity 2019.1.9 
  • Android Development requires no developers licence (unlike iOS) 
  • Tick Android SDK – AR Core version 1.1 for older devices
  • Attach Android Device 
  • Add Android manager in Unity Project 
  • Set up Unity Build for Android – Locate Device 
  • Current Scene must be selected 
It is now possible to Build and view the prototype on the android device. 
In Unity: 
  • Add Splash Screen 
  • Add Team Brand Logo 
  • Add Unity Logo 
  • Add simple UI Buttons ( represent Adobe XD Prototype) 
  • Set up AR Install 
  • Add Plane Object with map image (replace later with mapbox) 
  • Add Game Object 
  • Add Plane Manager 
  • Add Game object Manager
Build and check on the Android Device… 

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