GAM730 Week 06:04 Promo/Instructional/Funding video prep

Pitch Planning

The personas need a little work but we could specifically present the user personas as part of the funding video if they are branded effectively and illustrate the kind of purchasers that will buy the app. This will also underpin why they might want to and inform the call to action. Importantly this will inform the monetisation of the app.

I have taken the structure recommended on canvanizer and written a script for the promo and funding videos.

They are very basic and M will flesh them them out with the game loops he has engineered while using his own scene of style and pizazz. He is the ideal presenter as he has a great depth of knowledge about combat and strategy games a well a a knowledge of spy language. He will also appeal to the key Male 18-33 demographic we are aiming for.

Pitch Research: 


Video stills 

(awaiting facts figures and in shot views of the presenter) 

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