GAM730 Week 04:08 Show & Tell

Meeting 25/06/19 
Dream Team Inc  – Dave, Mike, Sarra, Zabit. 

Dave – Scrum Master, Project Manager and support programmer
Mike – Lead Programmer and Technical Researcher  
Sarra – Creative Lead Designer and Academic Researcher 
Zabit – Market and Academic Researcher, Testing and Analysis. 
Pokemon Go meets Escape Room Spy/Resistance App

  • (AR) Geolocated Mobile App –  Android

  • Unity Game Engine

  • Market Research (Zabit) 

  • Concept Sketches (Sarra)
  • Style Guide 01 (Sarra) 

  • Wireframe Sketch (Sarra)

  • Adobe XD Prototype (David) 

  • Development Map (Mike)

  • Github Repository (David)

  • Daily Scrum (Discord) – Was Voice, Now Video (All) 

  • Slack Channels (All)
Challenges – Communication (We are a Passionate team with unique and exceptional talent!)
We are currently pivoting the project in response to our market research and so we are reviewing, 
  • Market Research (Zabit)
  • Reviewing Name (All)
  • Narrative (All)
  • Style Guide 02 (Sarra)
  • Code Guide (Mike & David)
  • Academic & Market Research (Zabit)
  • Unity Project Development (All – mainly Mike & David)
  • Maya Models and Graphics Game Assets (Sarra) 
  • Academic Research (Sarra)

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