GAM730 Week 04:02 Internet Access Blocker

Our internet outage was disrupted for 48 hours because someone severed the fibre optic cable that feeds the gigaclear broadband to Rutland and the surrounding villages (including Ours). I intended to create a prototype on Adobe XD but this only works on my desktop and not my mobile devices.

To work round the issue, I created a walkthrough video on Adobe Rush on my iPad as I knew that I could export to premier pro at a later date. This will be helpful when producing a pitch video.

Although I produced the walkthrough video in  Rush, I was kicked out of my login before It completed the export. This happened because the Adobe Creative cloud subscription connects via an internet connection.

To work round this I used a simple video editor on my p.c and then used my mobile phone as a hotspot. I was then able to upload the walkthrough video in time for the Tuesday evening meeting.

Next, I will use the stills from this video to create a prototype in Adobe XD. When this can be done is reliant on a good internet connection to my desktop imac. I have a sketch Wireframe to work with so I will just be a matter of adding functional buttons etc.

… and breath.

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